Manufacturing Partners

  • Indian Market Insights - Whether it is new upcoming project or new upcoming requirement of our products, we keep you updated.
  • Product Marketing - Right from formulating a strategy for first time sales to penetrating the product across the steel plants, we do it all for you.
  • Commercial assistance - Whether it is submission of the offer or procedure for exporting of goods to customers, we assist you at all stages.


  • Innovative technologies at their doorsteps - We bring in best of technologies from across the world to solve your most critical problems, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Ease of procurement - Be it timely submission of offer, or speedy delivery of material for your plant, we understand your problem well and make sure the steps are smooth with our involvement.
  • Cost saving - Due to our strong relationships with our partner companies, they are ready to cater the market with special pricing available only to Indian customers.


Manufacturing Partners

Pan India market penetration

Right marketing strategy

Lead generation

Commercial assistance during ordering stage

Customer concerns in your product segment

After Sales service requirement of your products

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Hi - tech products at your doorsteps

Ease of all stages involved in procurement

Products with very competitive pricing

Timely submission of offers of your inquiries

Speedy response to your queries / problems

After Sales service requirement of installed products

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